Welcome to Dolmach

Dolmach is a merchant city-state situated between Cormyr and the Dalelands. The walled city staddles the Immerflow River and is located just north of the Cormyrean Way, a trade route that runs between Arabel and Highmoon. The past years have been fortunate and prosperous to the free citizens of Dolmach however recent events have cast a dark shadow on the surrounding land, threatening to pull the region into war and despair.

We’re currently playing Dolmach v2.5, which utilizes the D&D 3.5 rules with some homebrew flavor.

Dolmach has much to offer the fine folk of Faerun. We invite you to visit us and while you are here you may:

Explore the City.

Meet the People.

Meet the Furious Blades.

Attend the School of Adventurers.

Apply for a bazaar permit to hawk your wares.

Dolmach Campaign

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