“If you’re a noble from Cormyr and you don’t want to get your boots too dirty in Sembia, Dolmach is your city.” – Volo

Alliances: City-state of Cormyr; loose alliance with the Dalelands.

Dolmach is a free-city composed primarily of merchant families and their supporting infastructure. Situated on the upper Immerflow, on the northern edge of the Hullack Forest, Dolmach serves as a convienent hub for business between Cormyr, Sembia, the Dalelands and the dwarven clans of the Thunderpeak Mountains. While Dolmach technically is a vassal state of Cormyr it has long opperated under its own governance pledging nominal fealty to the Crown of Cormyr. In recent years, this independence has been a matter of public discussion as Dolmach has faced growing threats and relied on Cormyrean forces to protect their interests.

Key Organizations

Steward’s Council

The city of Dolmach is officially ruled by the Steward of Dolmach, orginially chosen by the Cormyrean royal family, who acts as the representative and final interpreter of the laws of Cormyr. Many years ago, however, the fourth Steward of Dolmach – Phillip the Brute – installed the Steward’s Council to handle civic affairs while he adventured in the largely untamed wilds of the Dalelands. Since then, the Steward of Dolmach has largely been a figure-head who often resides in Cormyr and enjoys the status of his title while leaving the governance of the city to the Steward’s Council. When asked, most citizen of Dolmach don’t even know who the Steward of Dolmach is by name.

As practical people do when appointed leadership is absent, the citizen of Dolmach took matters into their own hands and ensured influential merchant family representatives were placed on the Steward’s Council as well as a few voices of reason to represent the common laborer. Today, the Steward’s Council is composed of X members:

Temple of the Morning
Halls of Justice
Dolmach’s School for Adventurers
Thayan Enclave
Brown Bat


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